Las misiones principales son Quests que se enfocan en la historia principal de Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.


Las misiones principales sacan la historia principal de FFXIV. Los jugadores pueden empezar una misión principal encontrando un NPC con el ícono distintivo de misión principal encima de su cabeza, o al mirar a través de la lista de Recomendaciones para ver que Duties se encuentran en la inmediaciones.

Cada misión principal tiene un mínimo de Level requerido. Algunas misiones principales requieren que el jugador simplemente hable con otro NPC, mientras que otras requieren que el jugador complete un Dungeon o que mate a monstruos.

Al terminar una misión principal, los jugadores son siempre recompensados con Experience Points y Gil además de ser recompensados con otros objetos ocasionalmente.

Lista de misiones principalesEditar

Niveles del 1 al 9 Editar

Nombre de la misión Localización Nivel
Coming to Gridania Gridania 1
Coming to Limsa Lominsa Limsa Lominsa 1
Coming to Ul'dah Ul'dah 1
Close to Home Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, o Ul'dah 1
To the Bannock Gridania 4
On to Summerford Limsa Lominsa 4
We Must Rebuild Ul'dah 4
Passing Muster Central Shroud 5
Chasing Shadows Central Shroud 5
Dressed to Call Middle La Noscea 5
Lurkers in the Grotto Middle La Noscea 5
Nothing to See Here Central Thanalan 5
Underneath the Sultantree Central Thanalan 5
Eggs over Queasy Central Shroud 6
Step Nine Central Thanalan 6
Further Afield Middle La Noscea 6
An Eft for Effort Central Shroud 7
Disorderly Conduct Central Thanalan 7
Washed Up Middle La Noscea 7
Surveying the Damage Central Shroud 8
Until a Quieter Time Central Thanalan 8
Prudence at This Junction Central Thanalan 8
Double Dealing Middle La Noscea 8
Butcher of Greentear Central Shroud 9
Out of House and Home Central Thanalan 9
Loam Maintenance Middle La Noscea 9
A Soldier's Breakfast Central Shroud 9
Spriggan Cleaning Central Thanalan 9
Plowshares to Swords Middle La Noscea 9
Spirithold Broken Central Shroud 9
Way Down in the Hole Central Thanalan 9
Just Deserts Middle La Noscea 9

Niveles del 10 al 19 Editar

Nombre de la misión Localización Nivel
On to Bentbranch Gridania 10
Sky-high Limsa Lominsa 10
Takin' What They're Givin' Ul'dah 10
Supply and Demands Western Thanalan 10
Feeding Time Central Shroud 10
Courier for a Day Middle La Noscea 10
You Shall Not Trespass Central Shroud 10
Give It to Me Raw Western Thanalan 10
Last Letter to Lost Hope Western Thanalan 11
In the Grim Darkness of the Forest Central Shroud 11
Farmer of Fortune Western La Noscea 11
Threat Level Elevated Central Shroud 11
Relighting the Torch Western La Noscea 11
On to the Drydocks Limsa Lominsa 11
Ruffled Feathers Central Shroud 12
Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Central Thanalan 12
Passing the Blade Central Thanalan 12
Migrant Marauders Central Shroud 12
Without a Doubt Lower La Noscea 12
Righting the Shipwright Lower La Noscea 12
Following Footfalls Western Thanalan 13
Skeletons in My Deepcroft Central Shroud 13
Do Angry Pirates Dream Lower La Noscea 13
Storms on the Horizon Western Thanalan 13
A Hearer Is Often Late Central Shroud 13
Lights Out Central Shroud 13
Compulsory Catering Western Thanalan 13
Salvaging the Scene Central Shroud 13
Leia's Legacy Central Shroud 14
Oh Captain, My Captain Western Thanalan 14
Victory in Peril Lower La Noscea 14
Dread Is in the Air Central Shroud 14
Secrets and Lies Western Thanalan 14
Men of the Blue Tattoos Lower La Noscea 14
To Guard a Guardian Gridania 14
Feint and Strike Limsa Lominsa 14
Duty, Honor, Country Ul'dah 14
Festive Endeavors Gridania 14
A Matter of Tradition Ul'dah 14
High Society Limsa Lominsa 14
Renewing the Covenant Gridania 14
A Mizzenmast Repast Limsa Lominsa 14
A Royal Reception Ul'dah 14
The Gridanian Envoy Gridania 15
The Ul'dahn Envoy Ul'dah 15
The Lominsan Envoy Limsa Lominsa 15
Call of the Sea GridaniaUl'dah 15
It's Probably Pirates Limsa Lominsa 15
Call of the Forest Limsa Lominsa 15
Fire in the Gloom Gridania 16
Call of the Desert Gridania 16
Into a Copper Hell Ul'dah 17
The Scions of the Seventh Dawn Ul'dah 17
A Wild Rose by Any Other Name The Waking Sands 17
Unsolved Mystery Eastern Thanalan 17
What Poor People Think Eastern Thanalan 18
A Proper Burial Eastern Thanalan 18
For the Children Eastern Thanalan 19
Amalj'aa Wrong Places Eastern Thanalan 19
Dressed to Deceive Eastern Thanalan 19
Life, Materia and Everything The Waking Sands 19

Niveles del 20 al 29 Editar

Nombre de la misión Localización Nivel
Lord of the Inferno The Waking Sands 20
A Hero in the Making The Waking Sands 20
The Company You Keep The Waking Sands 20
Wood's Will Be Done Gridania 20
Till Sea Swallows All Limsa Lominsa 20
For Coin and Country Ul'dah 20
Sylph-management The Waking Sands 20
We Come in Peace Gridania 20
Sylphic Studies East Shroud 20
First Impressions East Shroud 20
First Contact East Shroud 21
Dance Dance Diplomacy East Shroud 21
Forest Friend East Shroud 21
Presence of the Enemy East Shroud 21
Brotherly Love East Shroud 22
Spirited Away East Shroud 22
Druthers House Rules South Shroud 22
Never Forget South Shroud 23
Microbrewing Upper La Noscea 23
Like Fine Wine Upper La Noscea 23
Sylphish Concerns South Shroud 23
Nouveau Riche South Shroud 23
Into the Beast's Maw South Shroud 24
Believe in Your Sylph East Shroud 24
Back from the Wood Gridania 24
A Simple Gift South Shroud 24
Shadow of Darkness The Waking Sands 24
Highbridge Times Eastern Thanalan 24
Ratting It Out Eastern Thanalan 24
Where There Is Smoke Eastern Thanalan 25
On to Little Ala Mhigo Eastern Thanalan 25
Tea for Three Southern Thanalan 25
Foot in the Door Southern Thanalan 25
Meeting with the Resistance The Waking Sands 26
Killing Him Softly South Shroud 26
Helping Horn South Shroud 27
He Ain't Heavy South Shroud 27
Come Highly Recommended South Shroud 27
The Bear and the Young'uns' Cares Southern Thanalan 27
Wilred Wants You Southern Thanalan 27
Big Trouble in Little Ala Mhigo Southern Thanalan 27
Back to Square One Southern Thanalan 27
Terror at Fallgourd The Waking Sands 27
Ziz Is So Ridiculous North Shroud 28
Seeing Eye to Winged Eye North Shroud 28
Rock of Rancor North Shroud 28
Power of Deduction North Shroud 28
Secret of the White Lily North Shroud 28
Skeletons in Her Closet Gridania 28

Niveles del 30 al 39 Editar

Nombre de la misión Localización Nivel
Wrath of the Titan The Waking Sands 30
Tales from the Tidus Slayer Lower La Noscea 30
Hungry Hungry Goobbues Lower La Noscea 30
The Lominsan Way Lower La Noscea 30
Nix That Eastern La Noscea 30
A Modest Proposal Eastern La Noscea 30
The Penitent Man South Shroud 30
Changing of the Guard South Shroud 30
Trial by Turtle South Shroud 30
The Drake Exception Southern Thanalan 31
The Perfect Prey Southern Thanalan 31
When the Worm Turns Southern Thanalan 31
There and Back Again Southern Thanalan 31
The Things We Do for Cheese Eastern La Noscea 32
What Do You Mean You Forgot the Wine Eastern La Noscea 32
An Offer You Can Refuse Eastern La Noscea 32
It Won't Work Eastern La Noscea 32
Give a Man a Drink Eastern La Noscea 33
That Weight Eastern La Noscea 33
Not My War Eastern La Noscea 33
Battle Scars Eastern La Noscea 33
It Was a Very Good Year Eastern La Noscea 33
A Final Ignominy Eastern La Noscea 33
In the Company of Heroes Eastern La Noscea 33
As You Wish Eastern La Noscea 33
Lord of Crags Upper La Noscea 34
All Good Things Upper La Noscea 34
With a Little Elbow Grease Eastern Thanalan 35
You Can't Take It with You Eastern Thanalan 35
Bringing out the Dead Eastern Thanalan 35
The Warden Works in Mysterious Ways Eastern Thanalan 35
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie Eastern Thanalan 35
A Tall Drink of Aqua del Sol Eastern Thanalan 35
Eyes on Me Eastern Thanalan 35
He Who Waited Behind Eastern Thanalan 36
Cold Reception North Shroud 36
The Unending War Coerthas Central Highlands 36
Men of Honor Coerthas Central Highlands 36
Three for Three Coerthas Central Highlands 36
The Rose and the Unicorn Coerthas Central Highlands 36
Feats of Strength Coerthas Central Highlands 37
The Talk of Coerthas Coerthas Central Highlands 37
Road to Redemption Coerthas Central Highlands 38
Following the Evidence Coerthas Central Highlands 38
In the Eyes of Gods and Men Coerthas Central Highlands 38
The Final Flight of the Enterprise Coerthas Central Highlands 38
Ye of Little Faith Coerthas Central Highlands 39
Opportunity Knocks Coerthas Central Highlands 39
All By Ourselves Coerthas Central Highlands 39
Factual Folklore Coerthas Central Highlands 39
The Best Inventions Coerthas Central Highlands 39

Niveles del 40 al 49 Editar

Nombre de la misión Localización Nivel
Influencing Inquisitors Coerthas Central Highlands 40
By the Lights of Ishgard Coerthas Central Highlands 40
Blood for Blood Coerthas Central Highlands 40
The Heretic among Us Coerthas Central Highlands 40
In Pursuit of the Past Coerthas Central Highlands 41
Into the Eye of the Storm Gridania 41
All Due Precautions Eastern Thanalan 41
Sealed with Science Eastern Thanalan 41
With the Utmost Care Eastern Thanalan 41
A Promising Prospect Eastern Thanalan 41
It's Probably Not Pirates Western La Noscea 42
Representing the Representative Western La Noscea 42
The Reluctant Researcher Western La Noscea 42
Sweet Somethings Western La Noscea 42
History Repeating Western La Noscea 42
The Curious Case of Giggity Western La Noscea 43
Of Sylphs and Spriggans East Shroud 43
Crazy Enough to Work East Shroud 43
Better Late than Never Gridania 43
Lady of the Vortex Gridania 44
Reclamation Ul'dah 44
Casing the Castrum The Waking Sands 44
Eyes on the Empire Coerthas Central Highlands 44
Footprints in the Snow Coerthas Central Highlands 44
Monumental Hopes Coerthas Central Highlands 44
Notorious Biggs Coerthas Central Highlands 44
Come-Into-My-Castrum Coerthas Central Highlands 44
Getting Even with Garlemald Mor Dhona 44
Fool Me Twice Mor Dhona 46
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magitek Mor Dhona 46
Escape from Castrum Centri Mor Dhona 46
The Black Wolf's Ultimatum Ul'dah 46
Drowning Out the Voices Mor Dhona 46
Acting the Part Mor Dhona 46
Dressed for Conquest Mor Dhona 46
Operation Archon The Waking Sands 49
A Hero in Need Western Thanalan 49
The Ladle in the Darkness Northern Thanalan 49
All upon the Watchtowers Northern Thanalan 49
Hearts on Fire Northern Thanalan 49
Setting the Stage Northern Thanalan 49

Nivel 50 Editar

Nombre de la misión Localización Nivel
Rock the Castrum Northern Thanalan 50
The Price of Principles The Waking Sands 50
The Ultimate Weapon Northern Thanalan 50
Moving On The Waking Sands 50
Flowers for One Eastern Thanalan 50
All Things in Time Eastern La Noscea 50
The Resolute The Waking Sands 50
Laying the Foundation The Waking Sands 50
Better Late than Sever Mor Dhona 50
Rock-solid Protection Mor Dhona 50
Crate Go Kaboom Mor Dhona 50
Hest of the Best Mor Dhona 50
Pass the Smell Hest Mor Dhona 50
You're Gonna Carry That Mor Dhona 50
The Things We Do for Tea Western Thanalan 50
It's Possibly a Primal Western Thanalan 50
Hail to the King, Kupo Gridania 50
You Have Selected Regicide Gridania 50
On the Properties of Primals South Shroud 50
The Gifted The Waking Sands 50
Build on the Stone The Waking Sands 50
Still Waters The Rising Stones 50
A Final Temptation Western Thanalan 50
The Mother of Exiles Western Thanalan 50
Promises to Keep Ul'dah 50
A Small-scale Operation Ul'dah 50
Yugiri's Game Western Thanalan 50
If Wishes Were Horsebirds Western Thanalan 50
Why We Adventure Western Thanalan 50
All Due Respect Ul'dah 50
Full Belly, Happy Heart The Rising Stones 50
Writhing in the Dark Mor Dhona 50
The Sea Rises The Rising Stones 50
Fireworks and Fish Don't Mix Western La Noscea 50
Scouts in Distress Western La Noscea 50
The Gift of Eternity Western La Noscea 50
Into the Heart of the Whorl Western La Noscea 50
Lord of the Whorl Lower La Noscea 50
When Yugiri Met the Fraternity Limsa Lominsa 50
Through the Maelstrom Limsa Lominsa 50

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