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Aetheryte is the name given to massive shards of crystallized aetheric mist, precisely cut and fused to arcane machinery. While it is not known when or by whom these devices were originally constructed, their teleportational qualities have become the backbone of everyday transportation throughout the realm, with most managed and operated by individual city-states. Their existence in Eorzea seems to be what drew scores of people to settle in the hostile land in the first place.

Though the exact mechanism behind teleportation via aetheryte is still largely a mystery, one theory states that when a sentient being approaches one of the portals, the aether that makes up its body resonates with the aether of the crystals, which in turn results in a complete breakdown of the being's mass, allowing it to temporarily return to the invisible aetheric streams that course throughout the planet.

The being's soul, which cannot be broken down, then guides the particles to a predetermined destination, and upon arrival, the corresponding aetheryte receptacle reconfigures the mist back into its original form. This whole process takes only a matter of moments, allowing for nearly instant transportation to faraway destinations.

However, being broken down to the aetheric level can take its toll on one's body, and rest is often required after several consecutive jumps, especially as the distance becomes greater. As a precaution, most city-states strongly discourage over-teleporting, as it can lead to irreversible damage...

Using an aetheryte[]

Upon clicking an aetheryte crystal, several options will appear.

  • Aethernet. - Only accessible while in city-states or other locations with an aethernet.
  • Set Home Point. - This is the destination of the Return action.
  • Register Favored Destination. - Allows for lower Teleport costs. Up to 3 locations can be registered as favored. You may have 4 if you install the XIV mobile app.
  • Register Free Destination. - Allows for Teleport at no cost. Only 1 location can be registered as free.

Aetheryte locations[]

Once a player has attuned to an aetheryte, it is registered for future use, allowing them to teleport themselves and others even if their fellow party members do not have the aetheryte registered. Using Aetheryte Ticket.png [Aetheryte Tickets] allows players to teleport free of charge.

Area Aetheryte
New Gridania New Gridania
Central Shroud Bentbranch Meadows
East Shroud The Hawthorne Hut
South Shroud Quarrymill
South Shroud Camp Tranquil
North Shroud Fallgourd Float

Area Aetheryte
Foundation Foundation
Coerthas Central Highlands Camp Dragonhead
Coerthas Western Highlands Falcon's Nest

Area Aetheryte
The Sea of Clouds Camp Cloudtop
The Sea of Clouds Ok' Zundu
Azys Lla Helix

Area Aetheryte
Rhalgr's Reach Rhalgr's Reach
The Fringes Castrum Oriens
The Fringes The Peering Stones
The Peaks Ala Gannha
The Peaks Ala Ghiri
The Lochs Porta Praetoria
The Lochs The Ala Mhigan Quarter

Area Aetheryte
Kugane Kugane

Area Aetheryte
The Ruby Sea Tamamizu
The Ruby Sea Onokoro
Yanxia Namai
Yanxia The House of the Fierce
The Azim Steppe Reunion
The Azim Steppe The Dawn Throne
The Doman Enclave The Doman Enclave

Area Aetheryte
The Crystarium The Crystarium
Lakeland Fort Jobb
Lakeland The Ostall Imperative
Kholusia Stilltide
Kholusia Wright
Amh Araeng Mord Souq
Amh Araeng The Inn at Journey's Head
Amh Araeng Twine
Il Mheg Lydha Lran
Il Mheg Pla Enni
Il Mheg Wolekdorf
The Rak'tika Greatwood Slitherbough
The Rak'tika Greatwood Fanow

Area Aetheryte
Mor Dhona Revenant's Toll