Arcanists start their adventures in Limsa Lominsa.

Adepts of the art of arcanum derive their might from symbols of power born of geometric techniques hailing from across the southern seas. Held within occult grimoires, these symbols lend shape to the arcanist's aether, thereby allowing him to produce myriad powerful spells.

Using the selfsame symbols to unlock the latent power contained within gemstones, arcanists are also able to summon forth the familiar known as Carbuncle to carry out their bidding.

Skills Edit

Level Icon Ability
1 Ruin Ruin
2 Bio Bio
4 Summon Summon
4 Physick Physick
6 Aetherflow Aetherflow
8 EnergyDrain Energy Drain
8 Aetherdam Aetherdam
10 Miasma Miasma
12 Virus Virus
14 EnhancedIntelligence Enhanced Intelligence
15 SummonII Summon II
16 EnhancedIntelligenceII Enhanced Intelligence II
18 Sustain Sustain
20 MaimAndMend Maim And Mend
20 AetherdamII Aetherdam II
22 Resurrection Resurrection
Level Icon Ability
24 EnhancedPetActions Enhanced Pet Actions
26 BioII Bio II
28 Supervirus Supervirus
30 Bane Bane
32 EnhancedIntelligenceIII Enhanced Intelligence III
34 EyeForAnEye Eye For An Eye
36 EnergySiphon Energy Siphon
38 RuinII Ruin II
40 MaimAndMendII Maim And Mend II
42 Rouse Rouse
44 EnhancedEyeForAnEye Enhanced Eye For An Eye
46 MiasmaII Miasma II
48 EnhancedRouse Enhanced Rouse
50 ShadowFlare Shadow Flare

Job Souls Edit

Arcanist can use two job souls. The Scholar , Which is the healer style job, and Summoner , which is the damage job.

Class Quests Edit

Way of the Arcanist

My First Grimoire

What's in the Box

Tactical Planning

Topaz Teachings

Over the Rails

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