The character creation screen is the interface by which players create the characters they will use while playing the game.

Race & Gender Edit

The first task is to choose the race and gender of your character. Each race comes with a brief description. Characters can be viewed in a standing pose or an option to cycle through various emotes is available. They may also be viewed in either their racial attire or their smallclothes (undergarments) against a small section of backgrounds (aetherial, La Noscean coastline, Black Shroud, Thanalan desert, or Gridanian residence). The character may be viewed from any angle.

From here you choose your character's clan based on their race. A brief overview is given about each clan, as well as starting attributes.


Appearance Edit

Next is the appearance page. A long list of physical characteristics can be altered to make the character as unique as possible, ranging from height and bust size, all the way to voice and facial features. You may also elect for a completely randomized appearance.


Deity Edit

Next is the characters birthday, based on the Eorzean Calendar, and then choosing one of the deities to follow. Which deity is chosen influences your character's elemental attributes.


Class Edit

One of the most important decision has to be made: classes. Each class is linked to a city-state, as shown below, where the character begins their journey. Click on links to provide more information:

Disciples of War
Disciples of Magic

You may also preview your character in your class's clothing and armor by clicking on the Job button under "Attire".


Name Edit

After selecting the appropriate server - make sure you're on the one with your friends! - you now get to assign the forename and surname of your character.

Playing Edit

In all cases characters will be provided with a short cutscene showing their character walking through blackness, guided by the sun, before being attacked by one of the Ascians. After this scene they awaken aboard a vessel (Gridanians begin on a carriage, Limsa Lominsans on a boat, Ul'dahns on a carriage). There, they meet a friendly peddler who gives a bit of backstory about the city before their vessel is attacked by enemies of the particular city's region. Arriving safely at the city ends the introductory scenes.