Conjurers start their adventures in Gridania.

Conjury calls upon the elements of earth, wind, and water and concentrates them to a potency at which spells can be weaved. Through practiced meditation on the essences of creation, conjurers draw forth and absorb aether from their immediate surroundings. A wand or cane made from unworked wood is then utilized to focus the aether until it manifests as the desired spell.

Versed also in magicks that restore and strengthen, conjurers are regarded as accomplished healers.

The seat of the Conjurer's Guild lies at Stillglade Fane in Gridania, where the voices of Eorzea's elementals are said to be most powerful.

Skills Edit

Level Icon Ability
1 Stone Stone
2 Cure Cure
4 Aero Aero
6 ClericStance Cleric Stance
8 Protect Protect
8 EnhancedMind Enhanced Mind
10 Medica Medica
12 Raise Raise
14 EnhancedMindII Enhanced Mind II
15 FluidAura Fluid Aura
16 Proshell Proshell
18 Esuna Esuna
20 MaimAndMend Maim And Mend
22 StoneII Stone II
Level Icon Ability
24 EnhancedMindIII Enhanced Mind III
26 Repose Repose
28 EnhancedRaise Enhanced Raise
30 CureII Cure II
32 Freecure Freecure
34 Stoneskin Stoneskin
36 Graniteskin Graniteskin
38 ShroudOfSaints Shroud Of Shroud
40 MaimAndMendII Maim And Mend II
42 CureIII Cure III
44 Overcure Overcure
46 AeroII Aero II
48 EnhancedShroudOfSaints Enhanced Shroud Of Saints
50 MedicaII Medica II

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