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Discipline: Disciple of the Land
Role: Gathering
Class tools: Fishing Rod
Guild location: Limsa Lominsa

Fisher is a Disciple of the Land class. Fishers are the harvesters of the realm's marine and freshwater animal resources. The goods they obtain from their catch place them in direct dealings with both culinarians and goldsmiths.

Be it from the shore of a sea, the bank of a river, or the deck of a boat, Eorzea's anglers must constantly account for a wide range of factors to optimize their success, including season, time, place, tools, and bait. In addition, the sometimes perilous nature of desirable fishing holes, be they on or offshore, above or below ground, prompts many fishers to employ the protection of more combat-oriented professions. The primary tool of the fisher is the fishing rod.

Actions[edit | edit source]

Name Level GP
Bait 1 0
Cast 1
Hook 1
Quit 1
Cast Light 1
Stealth 8
Release 22
Mooch 25
Snagging 36
Patience 51 470
Powerful Hookset 51 74
Chum 54 145
Precision Hookset 56 85
Fish Eyes 57 350

Traits[edit | edit source]

Name Level
Gulleye 15
Enhanced Stealth 18
Enhanced Stealth II 28
Dunefishing 35
Gulleye II 35
Enhanced Stealth III 38
Double Mooching 40
Skyfishing 45
Gulleye III 50
Enhanced Stealth IV 50
Enhanced Stealth V 53
Gulleye IV 55
Enhanced Stealth VI 56
Gulleye V 60

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