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Foundation is a section of the city-state of Ishgard.

First arriving in the lower level of the capital are visitors to Ishgard who travel the Steps of Faith. The wards of Daniffen's Collar protect it, as they do all of Ishgard. However, Foundation would be the last line of defense for the Pillars in the event that any intruders manage to break these fortifications.

Foundation features a chocobokeep, skywatcher, aetheryte plaza, hunt board, inn, trader, and several vendors.

Points of Interest[ | ]

The Arc of the Worthy[ | ]

More than just stone and steel, the great gates to the city of Ishgard are a symbol of the religion, and according to Ishgardian scripture, entry into the city is only safe for those who have been deemed worthy in Halone's eyes.

Saint Valeroyant's Forum[ | ]

A massive stone statue of Valeroyant was later erected in the plaza that now bears his name, and he was later revered as a saint. Unfortunately, only half of it is left after a pack of wyverns attacked it with considerable ferocity during the most recent Dravanian attack.

Saint Reinette's Forum[ | ]

Another plaza dedicated to honoring those who bravely fought in the name of Ishgard. It is named for a mythical dragoon who was able to track down and exact revenge on the dragon that had torn apart her beloved.

The Arc of the Humble[ | ]

After achieving her destiny, Lady Reinette put down her spear and became a woman of the cloth. She lived out the rest of her days as a simple nun, giving her life to serving the underprivileged and destitute. Because of this, the massive archway that leads to the forum that bears her name is known as the "Arc of the Humble."

The Fury's Mercy[ | ]

One of the powerful ballistas defending the city, it is reputed to strike its target with such force that it perishes quickly and is hence painless.

The Brume[ | ]

The poorest residents of Ishgard live at the lowest levels of the city, which gets its name from the dense fog that comes far too frequently. It is rare for noblemen and clerics to venture below; instead, they choose to ignore the Brume or converse in low voices.

Cloud Nine[ | ]

The owner of this reasonably priced inn has been known to brag about how luxurious and fluffy his mattresses are, making guests feel as though they are sleeping on clouds. But soon after they've paid their coin, you'll discover that the beds are made of hardened piles of dry straw rather than goosefeather.

The Forgotten Knight[ | ]

When the Forgotten Knight initially opened, nobody can say with certainty. From one former knight to the next, the tavern has been passed down; each was rumored to have shed blood for his country. As is customary, the new owner is given an artifact from the previous one: an old, rusty sword bearing the inscription, "Brothers brave and true, live well, forgotten and content."

Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly[ | ]

The Temple Knights' headquarters, it was founded so that her knights could more successfully guard the routes that led to the Pillars, which are home to the Vault, Saint Reymanaud's Cathedral, and numerous other significant places of worship.

Lightfeather Proving Grounds[ | ]

Called for the flurry of golden feathers left behind after a fierce fight, it was originally set up to stage fights for battle-trained chocobos. Since then, they have hosted a variety of spectacles, including more conventional knightly tournaments.

Skysteel Manufactory[ | ]

House Haillenarte's Manufactory, once devoted to the manufacture of conventional weapons and armor, is now a hub for the study and creation of ballistas, cannons, and other cutting-edge weapons intended to bring down dragons. They had recently signed a contract with Garlond Ironworks that would enable them to start building small-scale airships in large quantities. It is also home to the Machinists' Guild.

The Holy Stables[ | ]

The Holy Stables not only raises and trains chocobos for Temple Knight cavaliers but also serves as a training ground for Ishgard's renowned black thoroughbreds.[1]

Other Areas[ | ]

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Dungeons[ | ]

Other[ | ]

  • Ishgard Aetheryte Plaza

NPCs[ | ]

The following NPCs are found in Foundation:

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Vendors[ | ]

  • Amber Trader
  • Aelmer - Manufactory Merchant
  • Adaillie - Merchant & Mender
  • Yolaine - Centurio Seal Exchange
  • Ardolain - Clan Centurio Member

Quests[ | ]

The following quests are found in Foundation:

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