Free Companies are adventurer-run organizations. To create a Free Company first reach level 25 and be a member of a Grand Company, then you must obtain three signatures of other players on a petition and pay a fee of 15,000 gil to an Administrator. At this time you will also choose a 1-5 letter guild "tag" that is displayed by members (example: [TYL]).

After your company is formed, you can design a crest from numerous shapes, colors, and more. Crests can be displayed on certain pieces of gear.

Each Free Company has a chest where items and gil can be stored and shared with each other. There are also bonuses such as increased experience points and the ability to purchase estates and build residences.

You may only be in one Free Company at a time.


A Free Company has one Master, with the next rank down being Leader. There can be multiple Leaders, and the company's Master can create more ranks to fulfill the needs of the organization.


Each company is given a chat channel to communicate with each other (default command: /fc), similar to, but separate than, a Linkshell. A "Message of the Day" can be utilized to relay important information with other members.


Within the Free Company UI window there are some management tools available to the appropriate rank. In here you can promote or demote members, custom set your company's ranks, modify rank permissions, and more. There is also an activity log to keep track of the goings-on of your Free Company.


Actions are bonuses for members that can be purchased and activated. These are purchased with Free Company Points which are accumulated by Crafting, Gathering, or from FATE's.

The costs for perks are 3360 Credits at most, and last 24 hours. Perk costs are lowered by increasing your standing level with each Grand Company.

Name Description
The Heat of Battle Increases EXP earned through battle by 5%
Earth and Water Increases EXP earned through gathering by 5%
Helping Hand Increases EXP earned through crafting by 5%
A Man's Best Friend Increases EXP by companions by 5%
Brave New World Increases the attributes of all members under level 10 by 10%
Live off the Land Increases Gathering by 5
What You See Increases Perception by 5
Eat from the Hand Increases Craftsmanship by 5
In Control Increases Control by 5
That Which Binds Us Increases spiritbonding speed
Meat and Mead Increases duration of food effects by five minutes
Proper Care Slows gear wear by 10%
Back on Your Feet Reduces duration Weakness after being revived by 10%
Reduced Rates Reduces teleportation fees by 20%
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