Gladiators start their adventures in Ul'dah.

Gladiators specialize in the handling of all manner of one-handed blades, from daggers to longswords, be they single- or double-edged, straight or curved. A defining characteristic of the art is emphasis on diverse combat tactics, training its members to bring their martial skills to bear in any situation.

Tracing their roots to the Coliseum, where the roar of the crowd reigns supreme, these melee combatants have learned to seamlessly flow between attack and defense in a dance that delights the eye.

Making use of their skill with the shield, gladiators can also draw the attention and attacks of an enemy upon themselves, thereby protecting their comrades from harm. Others opt for an empty off hand, choosing instead to focus entirely on their sword arm.

In all instances, the ages-old art of the sword makes the gladiator a formidable adversary in any encounter.

Actions Edit

Level Icon Ability
1 FastBlade Fast Blade
4 SavageBlade Savage Blade
8 Flash Flash
12 RiotBlade Riot Blade
18 ShieldBash Shield Bash
26 RageofHalone Rage of Halone
34 Awareness Awareness
42 TemperedWill Tempered Will
50 CircleofScorn Circle of Scorn
Level Icon Ability
2 Rampart Rampart
6 FightorFlight Fight or Flight
10 Convalescence Convalescence
15 ShieldLob Shield Lob
22 Provoke Provoke
30 ShieldSwipe Shield Swipe
38 Sentinel Sentinel
46 Bulwark Bulwark

Traits Edit

Level Icon Ability
8 EnhancedVitality Enhanced Vitality
16 EnhancedVitalityII Enhanced Vitality II
24 EnhancedVitalityIII Enhanced Vitality III
32 EnhancedConvalescence Enhanced Convalescence
40 EnhancedRageofHalone Enhanced Rage of Halone
48 EnhancedSentinel Enhanced Sentinel
Level Icon Ability
14 EnhancedRampart Enhanced Rampart
20 EnhancedFlash Enhanced Flash
28 EnhancedFightorFlight Enhanced Fight or Flight
36 EnhancedShieldBash Enhanced Shield Bash
44 EnhancedAwareness Enhanced Awareness

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