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Players may purchase housing wherein they can establish a base for their activities. There are four residential districts, one for each nation, and another in Kugane: Mist (outside Limsa Lominsa), The Lavender Beds (outside Gridania), The Goblet (outside Ul'dah), or Shirogane (outside Kugane).

Residential districts[edit | edit source]

Each residential district is divided into wards, which in turn house 60 plots of land each. Wealthy individuals may purchase plots of land upon which to build their own estate halls, while free companies may jointly purchase plots. Those seeking simpler quarters may instead purchase a room in the apartment buildings found in each of the residential districts.

More information on housing can be had by speaking with the resident caretaker stationed at each residential district.

Customization[edit | edit source]

Estate halls and apartments can be customized by installing fixtures and placing furnishings. Please note that, in the case of estate halls, specific company privileges are required for customization.

Furnishings[edit | edit source]