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In the Dark of Night
In the Dark of Night

Sidequest icon.png
Level 50 Quest
Event Quests
Region: The Black Shroud
Area: East Shroud
Start: Kipih Jakkya
End: Kipih Jakkya
Experience: XP.png 24000
Gil: Gil.png 1670
Quest Progression
Previous: The Man in Black
Next: Messenger of the Winds

In the Dark of Night is a level 50 A Nocturne for Heroes event quest. It is obtained in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald by speaking with Kipih Jakkya outside of the Hall of Flames.


Kipih Jakkya is eager to set out with you and Noctis.

This quest is available for a limited time only.


  • Speak with Hadrefort in Gridania.
  • Speak with Mitainie in Gridania.
  • Speak with Roustebant in Gridania.
  • Report to Kipih Jakkya.
  • Wait at the designated location in the East Shroud. (X:16.7 Y:21.8)
  • Speak with Noctis.
  • Speak with Kipih Jakkya in Gridania.
  • Speak with Noctis.


Kipih informs you that there have been new sightings of mechanical soldiers in the Twelveswood. In order to ascertain the truth of these rumors, it is decided that you will head to Gridania to seek out eyewitnesses.

Please note that you will be unable to complete this quest after the seasonal event has ended. For details, please check the Lodestone.

Upon arriving in Gridania, you proceed to make inquiries about the mechanical soldiers. While no one you speak with turns out to be an eyewitness, you are reasonably satisfied that the magitek troopers are indeed here in the Twelveswood. It is time to take your findings to Kipih, who awaits at Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre.

Based on your findings, Kipih believes that you should be able to find the magitek troopers if you were to keep watch at the Bramble Patch, in the East Shroud. Eager as ever, Noctis sets out immediately, and at Kipih's behest you hurry after him.

At the Bramble Patch, you are reunited with Noctis and begin lying in wait. As the night deepens, a bloodcurdling roar cuts through the silent gloom, and you hasten towards the sound to come face-to-face with a fell fiend. Though the creature is fearsome, working together with Noctis, you succeed in laying it low.

Noctis is perturbed that a daemon, a monster from his world, has also found its way to Eorzea. Taking your rest after the taxing battle, you trade tales over a simple camp meal and learn a little more about Noctis─and perhaps yourself as well.

Back in Gridania, Noctis is crestfallen at being unable to find a way home, but Kipih promises that she will keep working to uncover more leads. Not given to waiting around, Noctis goes off to explore Gridania, and Kipih bids you accompany him.

You find Noctis browsing the Black Rabbit Traders' stall; it appears he is quite taken by the fashion of Eorzea. Your visitor is keen to explore some more, and you are happy to oblige him.



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