Machinist, is a job in Final Fantasy XIV, introduced in the game's first expansion pack, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. As with the other three Ishgard jobs, Machinist has no base class and begins at level 30.


The job is a mobile, ranged DPS class using guns as their main weapon. Machinists focus on dealing ranged damage using a combination of firearms enhanced with various attachments and can deploy mechanical turrets to help them on the battlefield.




Equipment Edit

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Machinists are defined by wielding guns, typically in the form of pistols, muskets or shotguns. Their abilities involve various attachments to their firearm, along with turrets.

As their main stat is Dexterity, they equip "Aiming" gear. This means that their equipment is largely shared with Bards, while their accessories are shared with Bards and Ninjas

Job GaugeEdit

The Job Gauge was introduced to players in 4.0 Stormblood. The Machinist uses the Ammunition Guage and the Heat Gauge.

The Ammunition Gauge indicates the number of rounds of special ammunition currently loaded in a machinist's firearm. Special ammunition can be loaded to any firearm by executing the action Reload.

The Heat Gauge─indicating a firearm's temperature─is displayed upon execution of the action Gauss Barrel. When the gauge reaches 100, the firearm becomes overheated. While overheated, a firearm will deal additional damage, but will soon become too hot to use. At this time, the Gauss Barrel is automatically removed and cannot be reattached until it cools.

Upon learning the trait Shot Mastery at level 64, maintaining a high firearm temperature will render the actions Split Shot, Slug Shot, and Clean Shot heated, increasing their damage.

Limit BreakEdit

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Machinists' Limit Breaks focus dealing powerful damage to enemies in a straight line in front of the player. Machinist shares the same Level 1 and Level 2 limit breaks as Bard.


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