Miners are responsible for the excavation and handling of Eorzea's mineral wealth, be it ores, fossils, precious stones, or otherwise. To fully master the advanced techniques developed by the great mining nation of Ul'dah, they undertake a wide range of tasks, from the meticulous prospecting of the most minute deposits to large-scale civil engineering. Many miners subscribe to the theory of continental drift, and take for their patron deity Oschon the Wanderer.

Actions Edit

Level Icon Ability
1 32px Prospect
4 32px Shard Vision
6 32px Lay of the Land II
10 32px Shard Vision III
15 32px Unearth
20 32px Nald'Thal's Ward
25 32px Solid Reason
30 32px King's Yield
40 32px King's Yield II
50 32px Toil of the Mountaineer
Level Icon Ability
3 32px Lay of the Land
5 32px Sharp Vision II
8 32px Stealth
12 32px Preparation
20 32px Byregot's Ward
20 32px Thaliak's Ward
25 32px Deep Vigor
35 32px Unearth II
46 32px Truth of Mountains

Traits Edit

Level Icon Ability
2 32px Auto Prospect
16 32px Stone Whisperer II
21 32px Stone Whisperer III
28 32px Enhanced Stealth II
41 32px Ward of the Twelve I
Level Icon Ability
11 32px Stone Whisperer
18 32px Enhanced Stealth
26 32px Stone Whisperer IV
38 32px Enhanced Stealth III
50 32px Ward of the Twelve II

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