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Discipline: Disciple of the Land
Role: Gathering
Class tools: Pickaxe, Sledgehammer
Guild location: Ul'dah

Miner is a Disciple of the Land class. The Miners' Guild is responsible for the excavation and handling of Eorzea's mineral wealth, be it ores, fossils, precious stones, or otherwise. It should come as no surprise, then, that their most eager customers are the realm's Blacksmiths and Goldsmiths.

One of the Disciples of the Land who specializes in drawing ore from the earth. To fully master the advanced techniques developed by the great mining nation Ul'dah, miners must undertake a wide range of tasks, from the meticulous prospecting of the most minute deposits to large-scale civil engineering. The guild staunchly subscribes to the theory of continental drift, and as such many among its ranks give praise for their patron deity Oschon, the Wanderer.


Name Level GP
Prospect 1 0
Lay of the Land 3
Sharp Vision 4 50
Sharp Vision II 5 100
Lay of the Land II 6
Stealth 8
Sharp Vision III 10 250
Preparation 12
Unearth 15 100
Byregot's Ward 20 400
Nald'thal's Ward 20 400
Thaliak's Ward 20 400
Clear Vision 23 50
Bountiful Yield 24 200
Solid Reason 25 300
Deep Vigor 25
King's Yield 30 400
Unearth II 35 300
King's Yield II 40 500
Truth of Mountains 46
Toil of the Mountaineer 50 300


Name Level
Auto Prospect 2
Stone Whisperer 11
Stone Whisperer II 16
Enhanced Stealth 18
Stone Whisperer III 21
Stone Whisperer IV 26
Enhanced Stealth II 28
Enhanced Stealth III 38
Ward of the Twelve 41
Nymeia's Ward 42
Ward of the Twelve II 50
Enhanced Stealth IV 50
Enhanced Stealth V 53
Enhanced Stealth VI 56

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