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Minions are non-combat companions.

Summoning a minion[edit | edit source]

To learn the Call Minion action for a new minion, players must first use the minion's whistle. Once the item has been used, a new entry will appear in the Minion Guide found under Character in the main menu. Players can either initiate the action from this menu, or drag the icon, set it to one of their hotbars, and initiate it from there.

Once a player has learned the summoning action, they will never lose it, and it can be used with all classes or jobs. Only one minion can be summoned at a time.

Dismissing a minion[edit | edit source]

To send a minion away, simply re-select the summoning icon. Minions can be summoned or dismissed at any time, and the whistle has no recast timer.

List of minions[edit | edit source]

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The list below lists all minions and their stats for Lord of Verminion in The Gold Saucer.

Minion Type HP ATK DEF SPD Cost Target Strengths Special type
Abroader Otter icon.png Abroader Otter Critter 370 40 45 ★★★ 10 Single Shields Special
32px Accompaniment Node Gadget 630 60 25 ★★★ 30 AoE None Damage
32px Angel of Mercy Poppet 450 30 60 ★★ 15 Single Shields Special
32px Anima Poppet 480 65 55 25 Single Arcana Stones Enhancement
32px Assassin Fry Critter 425 40 25 ★★★ 10 Single None Damage
32px Atrophied Atomos Monster 460 35 65 ★★★ 25 AoE None Enhancement
32px Attendee #777 Poppet 430 50 65 20 Single Search EyesShields Enhancement
Aurelia Polyp icon.png Aurelia Polyp Critter 510 40 30 ★★ 15 Single GatesShields Damage
32px Axolotl Eft Critter 300 20 80 ★★ 10 Single None Special
32px Baby Bat Monster 420 25 40 ★★★★ 10 Single Gates Damage
32px Baby Behemoth Monster 430 45 30 ★★★ 15 AoE None Damage
32px Baby Bombfish Monster 470 25 30 ★★ 10 Single Search EyesShields Enhancement
32px Baby Brachiosaur Poppet 490 115 50 30 Single Shields Enfeeblement
32px Baby Bun Monster 395 50 25 ★★ 10 Single GatesShields Damage
Baby Gremlin icon.png Baby Gremlin Critter 440 50 35 ★★ 15 Single Search EyesShields Enfeeblement
32px Baby Opo-opo Critter 420 40 25 ★★★★ 10 Single None Enfeeblement
32px Baby Raptor Monster 400 45 25 ★★★★ 10 Single Gates Enhancement
32px Beady Eye Monster 440 30 30 ★★★ 10 Single GatesSearch Eyes Damage
32px Behemoth Heir Monster 400 40 55 ★★ 15 Single GatesSearch Eyes Enhancement
32px Bite-sized Pudding Monster 400 30 40 ★★ 10 Single GatesSearch Eyes Enhancement
32px Black Chocobo Chick Critter 450 55 75 ★★ 25 Single Search Eyes Trap
32px Black Coeurl Critter 380 60 40 ★★★★ 15 Single Search Eyes Dismantle
32px Blizzaria Monster 360 45 30 ★★★ 10 Single Search Eyes Enhancement
32px Bluebird Critter 460 45 30 ★★★ 10 Single None Damage
32px Bom Boko Critter 450 30 80 ★★★ 20 Single Shields Enhancement
Brave New Y'shtola icon.png Brave New Y'shtola Poppet 400 45 30 ★★ 15 Multi Search Eyes Damage
32px Bridesmoogle Poppet 420 30 30 ★★★ 10 Single Gates Enhancement
Brina icon.png Brina Monster 410 40 55 ★★★ 15 Single Search Eyes Enhancement
32px Buffalo Calf Monster 440 35 25 ★★★ 10 Single Shields Enhancement
32px Bullpup Critter 420 30 45 ★★ 10 Single Gates Enhancement
Butterfly Effect icon.png Butterfly Effect Critter 400 30 40 ★★★★ 10 Single GatesShields Enhancement
32px Byakko Cub Monster 500 40 60 ★★ 20 Single Search EyesShields Special
32px Cactuar Cutting Monster 380 30 45 ★★★★ 10 Single None Enhancement
32px Cait Sith Doll Poppet 400 55 65 ★★ 20 Single GatesShields Enhancement
32px Calamari
Calca icon.png Calca
32px Capybara Pup
32px Castaway Chocobo Chick
32px Cherry Bomb
32px Chigoe Larva
32px Chocobo Chick Courier
32px Clockwork Barrow
32px Clockwork Lantern
32px Clockwork Twintania
32px Coblyn Larva
32px Coeurl Kitten
32px Conditional Virtue
32px Construct 8
32px Continental Eye
32px Copycat Bulb
32px Demon Box
32px Demon Brick
32px Dhalmel Calf
32px Doman Magpie
32px Dress-up Alisaie
32px Dress-up Raubahn
32px Dress-up Thancred
32px Dress-up Y'shtola
32px Dress-up Yugiri
32px Dust Bunny
32px Dwarf Rabbit
32px Eggplant Knight
32px Enkidu
32px Faepup
32px Fat Cat
32px Faustlet
32px Fenrir Pup
32px Flame Hatchling
32px Fledgling Apkallu
32px Fledgling Dodo
32px Fox Kit
32px Frilled Dragon
32px Gaelikitten
32px Garlic Jester
32px Gestahl
32px Ghido
32px Gigantpole
32px Gigi
32px Gold Rush Minecart
32px Goobbue Sproutling
32px Gravel Golem
32px Griffin Hatchling
32px Heavy Hatchling
32px Hecteye
32px Hedgehoglet
32px Heliodor Carbuncle
32px Hellpup
32px Hoary the Snowman
32px Hovernyan
32px Hunting Hawk
32px Infant Imp
32px Iron Dwarf
32px Ivon Coeurlfist Doll
32px Jibanyan
32px Kidragora
32px Koala Joey
32px Komainu
32px Komajiro
32px Komasan
32px Korpokkur Kid
32px Kyubi
Lesser Panda icon.png Lesser Panda Critter 405 95 50 ★★★★ 25 Single Gates Dismantling
32px Little Yang
32px Little Yin
32px Littlefoot
32px Magic Broom
32px Magic Bucket
32px Magitek Avenger F1
32px Mameshiba
32px Mammet #001
32px Mammet #003G
32px Mammet #003L
32px Mammet #003U
32px Mandragora Queen
32px Manjimutt
Meerkat icon.png Meerkat Critter 400 50 45 ★★★ 15 Single GatesShields Disarming
Micro Gigantender icon.png Micro Gigantender Monster 565 60 40 25 Single None Dismantling
32px Mini Mole
32px Miniature Minecart
32px Minion of Light
32px Minitek Conveyor
32px Minute Mindflayer
32px Mock-up Grynewaht
32px Model Enterprise
32px Model Magitek Bit
32px Model Vanguard
32px Monkey King
32px Morbol Seedling
32px Morpho
32px Motley Egg
32px Mudpie
32px Mummy's Little Mummy
32px Namingway
32px Nana Bear
32px Naughty Nanka
32px Noko
32px Nutkin
32px Odder Otter
32px OMG
32px Onion Prince
32px Owlet
32px Page 63
32px Paissa Brat
Palico icon.png Palico Critter 480 40 30 ★★★★ 15 Single Search Eyes Enhancement
32px Panda Cub
32px Pegasus Colt
32px Penguin Prince
32px Peridot Carbuncle
32px Piggy
32px Plush Cushion
32px Poogie
32px Poro Roggo
32px Princely Hatchling
32px Private Moai
32px Pudgy Puk
32px Puff of Darkness
32px Pumpkin Butler
32px Road Sparrow
32px Robonyan F-type
32px Salt & Pepper Seal
32px Scarlet Peacock
32px Seitei
32px Serpent Hatchling
32px Shaggy Shoat
32px Shalloweye
Sharksucker-class Insubmersible icon.png Sharksucker-class Insubmersible Gadget 415 60 40 ★★★ 15 Single None Damage
32px Shogunyan
32px Slime Puddle
32px Smallshell
32px Spoony Bard
32px Steam-powered Gobwalker G-VII
32px Storm Hatchling
32px Tender Lamb
32px Tengu Doll
32px The Gold Whisker
32px The Primogs
32px The Prince of Anemos
32px Tight-beaked Parrot
32px Tiny Bulb
32px Tiny Rat
32px Tiny Tapir
32px Tiny Tatsunoko
32px Tiny Tortoise
32px Tomato King
32px Tora-jiro
32px Toy Alexander
32px Treasure Box
32px Ugly Duckling
32px Unicolt
32px USApyon
32px Venoct
32px Water Imp
32px Wayward Hatchling
32px Whisper
32px White Whittret
32px Wide-eyed Fawn
32px Wind-up Airship
32px Wind-up Aldgoat
32px Wind-up Alisaie
32px Wind-up Alpha
32px Wind-up Alphinaud
32px Wind-up Amalj'aa
32px Wind-up Ananta
32px Wind-up Aymeric
32px Wind-up Bahamut
32px Wind-up Bartz
32px Wind-up Bismarck
32px Wind-up Brickman
Wind-up Calofisteri icon.png Wind-up Calofisteri Monster 440 50 55 ★★ 25 Multi Search EyesGates Enhancement
32px Wind-up Cheerleader
32px Wind-up Chimera
32px Wind-up Cid
32px Wind-up Cirina
32px Wind-up Cursor
32px Wind-up Dalamud
32px Wind-up Delivery Moogle
32px Wind-up Dezul Qualan
32px Wind-up Dragonet
32px Wind-up Dullahan
32px Wind-up Echidna
32px Wind-up Edda
32px Wind-up Edvya
32px Wind-up Elvaan
32px Wind-up Estinien
Wind-up Exdeath icon.png Wind-up Exdeath Monster 440 65 65 ★★ 25 Single Search EyesGatesShields Enhancement
32px Wind-up Fafnir
32px Wind-up Firion
32px Wind-up Founder
Wind-up G'raha Tia icon.png Wind-up G'raha Tia Poppet 420 40 50 ★★★ 20 Single Search EyesGatesShields Special
32px Wind-up Garuda
32px Wind-up Gentleman
32px Wind-up Gilgamesh
32px Wind-up Gnath
32px Wind-up Goblin
32px Wind-up Gosetsu
32px Wind-up Gundu Warrior
32px Wind-up Haurchefant
32px Wind-up Hien
32px Wind-up Hraesvelgr
32px Wind-up Iceheart
32px Wind-up Ifrit
32px Wind-up Illuminatus
32px Wind-up Ixal
32px Wind-up Ixion
32px Wind-up Kain
Wind-up Kefka icon.png Wind-up Kefka Monster 600 60 70 30 Single None Special
32px Wind-up Khloe
32px Wind-up Kobold
32px Wind-up Kobolder
32px Wind-up Kojin
32px Wind-up Krile
32px Wind-up Lakshmi
32px Wind-up Leader
32px Wind-up Leviathan
32px Wind-Up Louisoix
32px Wind-up Lulu
32px Wind-up Lyse
32px Wind-up Magnai
32px Wind-up Matanga
32px Wind-up Meateater
32px Wind-up Minfilia
32px Wind-up Mithra
32px Wind-up Moenbryda
32px Wind-up Moogle
32px Wind-up Moon
32px Wind-up Namazu
32px Wind-up Nanamo
32px Wind-up Nero tol Scaeva
32px Wind-up Nidhogg
32px Wind-up Odin
32px Wind-up Ohl Deeh
32px Wind-up Onion Knight
32px Wind-up Papalymo
32px Wind-up Qalyana
32px Wind-up Qiqirn
32px Wind-up Ramuh
32px Wind-up Ramza
32px Wind-up Ravana
32px Wind-up Red Mage
32px Wind-up Redback
32px Wind-up Relm
32px Wind-up Rikku
32px Wind-up Sadu
32px Wind-up Sahagin
32px Wind-up Sasquatch
Wind-up Scathach icon.png Wind-up Scathach Monster 420 30 30 ★★★ 10 Single Gates Special
32px Wind-up Sea Devil
32px Wind-up Shantotto
32px Wind-up Shinryu
32px Wind-up Shiva
32px Wind-up Succubus
32px Wind-up Sun
32px Wind-up Susano
32px Wind-up Sylph
32px Wind-up Tarutaru
32px Wind-up Tataru
32px Wind-up Thancred
32px Wind-up Tifa
32px Wind-up Titan
32px Wind-up Tonberry
32px Wind-up Tsukuyomi
32px Wind-up Ultros
32px Wind-up Urianger
32px Wind-up Vath
32px Wind-up Violet
32px Wind-up Warrior of Light
32px Wind-up Weapon
32px Wind-up Y'shtola
32px Wind-up Yda
32px Wind-up Yotsuyu
32px Wind-up Yugiri
32px Wind-up Yuna
32px Wind-up Zhloe
32px Wind-up Zundu Warrior
32px Wolf Pup
32px Yukinko Snowflake
32px Zephyrous Zabuton
32px Zu Hatchling