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The Player Search feature found under Social in the main menu can be used to easily and instantly locate other logged-in player characters (PCs). Searches will list up to 200 results, starting with the ones which are physically closest the player's own character. Players can adjust their own search info by selecting the Party Members tab in the Party section of the main menu, right-clicking their own name, and selecting Edit Search Info.

Search conditions[edit | edit source]

Selecting Search Conditions will open a new window in which players can specify the conditions of their search to produce more accurate results. Options include partial name searches for both first and last names, as well as searching by online status, class, level, location, or languages spoken. Press the Execute button to initiate the search.

If there are any players who meet the conditions specified, they will be displayed in the social window. Players can right-click on player names to view their search info.

Multiple classes[edit | edit source]

Players can allow their character to be included in searches for multiple classes by changing their online status to Looking for Party, then selecting the corresponding icons. If no class is highlighted, then they will only be included in searches for their current class.

A player's current class and any selected classes will have a border. This indicates to other players that while there may have other classes at your disposal, these are the particular ones that are desired to play as.