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Discipline: Disciple of War
Role: Ranged DPS
Related job(s): Monk
Class weapon: Pugilist's Arm
Guild location: Ul'dah

Pugilist is a Disciple of War class. The path of the pugilist is one of incessant training aimed at mastering the traditional techniques of hand–to–hand combat. Though they command formidable power when unarmed, they are wont to use metal, leather, and bone weaponry to maximize their destructive potential.

Their preference for fighting at close–quarters makes negotiating distances an absolute necessity. Many among them accomplish this by using throwing weapons such as the chakram to momentarily daze their enemies while they move in for the kill.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Many are known to be proficient with throwing implements such as the chakram. Hurling them with massive force, the pugilist then deftly negotiates the distance to his foe to deal his devastating strikes.

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