These agile fighters pride themselves on their skills with knives and daggers to make quick work of enemies.

Lurking in the shadows, adhering to no laws but their own, they punish the wicked, pilfering their ill-gotten gains and delivering them to the downtrodden masses. Thought by many to be mere common criminals, some would say they play an unseen hand in maintaining order in the buccaneer's haven of Limsa Lominsa.


  • Prerequisite: You must have completed level 10 class quest for at least 1 Disciples of War or Magic class. You must have unlocked the Armory System.

Skills Edit

Icon Ability
1 32px Spinning Edge
2 32px Perfect Dodge
4 32px Gust Slash
6 32px Kiss of the Wasp
8 32px Mutilate
8 32px Enhanced Dexterity
10 32px Hide
12 32px Assassinate
14 32px All Fours
15 32px Throwing Dagger
15 32px Mug
16 32px Enhanced Dexterity II
18 32px Goad
20 32px Fleet of Foot
22 32px Sneak Attack
Icon Ability
24 32px Enhanced Dexterity III
26 32px Aeolian Edge
28 32px Enhanced Goad
30 32px Kiss of the Viper
32 32px Shadowstalker
34 32px Jugulate
36 32px Enhanced Wasp Venom
38 32px Dancing Edge
40 32px Enhanced Viper Venom
42 32px Death Blossom
44 32px Enhanced Mutilate
46 32px Shadow Fang
48 32px Enhanced Death Blossom
50 32px Trick Attack




FFXIV New Class & Job Revealed! (E3 2014)

FFXIV New Class & Job Revealed! (E3 2014)

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