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Discipline: Disciple of Magic
Role: Healer.png Healer
Base class: Arcanist
Class weapon: Grimoire
Guild location: Limsa Lominsa

Scholar is a Disciple of Magic healer job.

Description[edit | edit source]

In an age long past, when mankind flourished under the radiance of arcane mastery, the island of Vylbrand was home to a city-state called Nym. Though the history of that age tells of countless wars waged with earth-shattering incantations, it was the brilliant strategic maneuvering of Nym's scholars that allowed their mundane army of mariners to throw back would-be conquerers time and again. These learned men and women defended the freedom of their tiny nation with their unique command over spell-weaving faeries, utilizing the creatures' magicks to heal the wounded and bolster the strength of their allies.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Trainers[edit | edit source]

Job gauge[edit | edit source]

Aetherflow Gauge[edit | edit source]

The Aetherflow Gauge displays the current strength of an arcanist's or scholar's aether. As the player increases in level, the amount of aether that can be stored at one time will increase to a maximum of 3 units. Aether is consumed when executing certain actions such as Energy Drain.

Aetherflow Gauge

Faerie Gauge[edit | edit source]

The Faerie Gauge displays the current amount of fae aether accumulated within a faerie. Fae aether is accumulated by using actions such as Energy Drain and Excogitation (acquired at level 62) which deplete the Aetherflow Gauge.

Maintaining an Aetherpact (acquired at level 70) slowly consumes fae aether.

Faerie Gauge

Actions[edit | edit source]

Name Level MP
Adloquium 30
Succor 35
Sacred Soil 45
Miasma II 46
Lustrate 50
Indomitability 52
Broil 54
Deployment Tactics 56
Emergency Tactics 58
Dissipation 60
Excogitation 62
Broil II 64
Chain Strategem 66
Aetherpact 70
Fey Union 70
Dissolve Union 70

Pet actions (Eos)[edit | edit source]

Name Level
Embrace 1
Whispering Dawn 1
Fey Covenant 20
Fey Illumination 40

Pet actions (Selene)[edit | edit source]

Name Level
Embrace 1
Silent Dusk 1
Fey Caress 20
Fey Wind 40

Role actions[edit | edit source]

Name Level MP
Cleric Stance 8
Break 12
Protect 16
Esuna 20 210
Lucid Dreaming 24
Swiftcast 32
Eye for an Eye 36
Largesse 40
Surecast 44
Rescue 48

Traits[edit | edit source]

Name Level
Enhanced Mind 20
Enhanced Mind II 40
Broil Mastery 54
Enhanced Mind III 60
Broil Mastery II 64
Quickened Aetherflow 68

Quests[edit | edit source]

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