Seventh Umbral Era [1]

00 --- Dalamud reaches a critical point and Bahamut is released from it's prison. The Eorzean Alliance and the Circle of Knowing along with us the adventurers do battle with the VIIth Legion of the Garlean Imperial Army in the Cartaneau Flats (an area north west of Ul'dah and south west of Mor Dhona). Bahamut unleashes destruction that reaches all the way to Limsa Lominsa, ushering in the Seventh Umbral Era.

00 --- Bahamut is defeated or subdued sometime after we adventurers are teleported away into a void to return in 5 years. Currently unknown as to what stopped Bahamut's rampage.

4~5 Later--- A Realm Reborn:

  • New Adventurers arrive in one of the 3 City-States. (Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, and Ul'dah)
  • The Adventurers transported away from the Battle of Cartaneau Flats reemerge in Eorzea, learning that they have been forgotten by the majority. A few still remember the now Warriors of Light but the memories are very vague and or appear fuzzy to the owner.

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