Thaumaturges start their adventures in Ul'dah.

In the hands of a skilled practitioner, thaumaturgy can be a force of terrifying destruction. At the heart of this school of magic lies the ability to call forth and command the latent aether within oneself through deep introspection.

To then mold that aether into sorcery, the thaumaturge makes use of a scepter or staff, within which is housed a medium—a natural stone imbued with magical properties. Thus armed, the thaumaturge is capable of wreaking considerable havoc via ruinous spells and curses.

Skills Edit

Level Icon Ability
1 Blizzard Blizzard
2 Fire Fire
4 Transpose Transpose
6 Thunder Thunder
8 Surecast Surecast
8 EnhancedIntelligence Enhanced Intelligence
10 Sleep Sleep
12 BlizzardII Blizzard II
14 EnhancedIntelligenceII Enhanced Intelligence II
15 Scathe Scathe
16 EnhancedSurecast Enhanced Surecast
18 FireII Fire II
20 MagickAndMend Magick And Mend
22 ThunderII Thunder II
Level Icon Ability
24 EnhancedScathe Enhanced Scathe
26 Swiftcast Swiftcast
28 Thundercloud Thundercloud
30 Manaward Manaward
32 EnhancedIntelligenceIII Enhanced Intelligence III
34 FireIII Fire III
36 DeepSleep Deep Sleep
38 BlizzardIII Blizzard III
40 MagickAndMendII Magick And Mend II
42 Lethargy Lethargy
44 Firestarter Firestarter
46 ThunderIII Thunder III
48 EnhancedManaward Enhanced Manaward
50 AetherialManipulation End of Humanity

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