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The Honest Truth
The Honest Truth

Sidequest icon.png
Level 61 Quest
Gyr Abanian Sidequests
Region: Gyr Abania
Area: The Fringes
Start: Serpent Marshal Brookstone
End: Serpent Marshal Brookstone
Experience: XP.png 87750
Gil: Gil.png 1000
Quest Progression
Previous: Divide and Conquer
Seeking Answers
Next: The Rose Blooms Twice

The Honest Truth is a level 61 Gyr Abanian sidequest. It is obtained in The Fringes by speaking with Serpent Marshal Brookstone in Castrum Oriens.


Serpent Marshal Brookstone is eager to know what became of the injured Garlean soldier.


  • Speak with Lieutenant Molkoh.
  • Wait with Lieutenant Molkoh to speak with the Garlean soldier.
  • Speak with Lieutenant Molkoh.
  • Speak with Lieutenant Molkoh.
  • Search Bittermill for evidence.
  • Speak with Lieutenant Molkoh.
  • Speak with Serpent Marshal Brookstone.



  • XP.png 87750
  • Gil.png 1000
  • Options:
    • 18px [Triphane Ring of Healing]
    • 18px [Triphane Ring of Casting]
    • 18px [Savage Aim Materia V] x3


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