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The Pool of Tribute
The Pool of Tribute
Type: Trial
Level: 63 (Sync from 64)
Time limit: 60m
The Echo: Applied on total party incapacitation
Location: The Blessed Treasury, The Ruby Sea
# of players: 8 (2 tanks, 2 healers, 4 DPS)
Undersized party: Not allowed
Expansion req.: Stormblood
Unlocking quest: The Lord of the Revel
Boss(es): Susano

The Pool of Tribute is an 8-man trial introduced with Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.


Your efforts to wreak havoc on the Isle of Zekki and draw the Red Kojin away from their imperial masters have exceeded all expectations.

Unfortunately, for reasons beyond your knowing, two of the sacred treasures stored in the isle's vault "reacted" to the presence of the Yasakani-no-Magatama, summoning forth from the aether the great kami Susano - a primal by another name. How fortunate that you had the wisdom and the foresight to invite several of your fellow adventurers on this journey to the Far East, and how kind they were to agree to help you torment the Red Kojin, for no single warrior, no matter how blessed or powerful, could ever hope to slay a primal on her own, despite what some wandering minstrels would have you believe.


The following quests take place in The Pool of Tribute:

  • The Lord of the Revel



Phase 1[]

Phase 2[]

Around either 50% or 3 minutes in (needs confirmation), Susano will go to the center of the platform and disappear. This starts phase 2.

A crystal will appear on the platform. The tank must click this crystal or the party will wipe. The off-tank needs to absorb orbs that appear around the platform and slowly start moving towards the center. There are 3 orbs.

Phase 3[]



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