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Discipline: Disciple of the Hand
Role: Crafting
Class tools: Needle, Spinning Wheel
Guild location: Gridania

Weaver is a Disciple of the Hand class. From fiber to thread, thread to cloth, cloth to dress, and path of a tailor literally weaves its way from basic beginnings to extravagant ends. And while this alone can prove a long and arduous journey, a weaver's work spans more than just the spinning of strings and the sewing of seams. Those who wish to excel as clothcrafters must also stay attuned to the latest fashion trends, ensuring their custom are never scoffed by their peers for looking anything less than posh.

Just as the Spinner, Nymeia, spins the fate of all Eorzeans, the warp and weft of a weaver's work, too, have been known to alter the course of destinies both large and small. Perhaps this is why so many of the realm's tailors pay homage to the fickle goddess.

"These crafters use fabric. They make threads, fabric and clothes. They pay homage to the goddess Nymeia, who spins people fates on her own spinning wheel. Their main tool is the needle. Impressions: It seems that they can use all the fabrics from cloth materials. Moreover they can think about what is fashionable now and add colors on their fabric to make it more appealing."

Actions[edit | edit source]

Name Level CP
Basic Synthesis 1 0
Basic Touch 5 18
Master's Mend 7 92
Steady Hand 9 22
Inner Quiet 11 18
Observe 13 14
Careful Synthesis 15 0
Standard Touch 18 32
Great Strides 21 32
Master's Mend II 25 160
Standard Synthesis 31 15
Brand of Lightning 37 6
Advanced Touch 43 48
Careful Synthesis II 50 0
Byregot's Brow 51 18
Precise Touch 53 18
Name of Lightning 54 15

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