The character creation screen is the interface by which players create the characters they will use while playing the game.

Race & Gender 编辑

The first task is to choose the race and gender of your character. Each race comes with a brief description. Characters can be viewed in a standing pose or an option to cycle through various emotes is available. They may also be viewed in either their racial attire or their smallclothes (undergarments) against a small section of backgrounds (aetherial, La Noscean coastline, Black Shroud, Thanalan desert, or Gridanian residence). The character may be viewed from any angle.

From here you choose your character's clan based on their race. A brief overview is given about each clan, as well as starting attributes.


Appearance 编辑

Next is the appearance page. A long list of physical characteristics can be altered to make the character as unique as possible, ranging from height and bust size, all the way to voice and facial features. You may also elect for a completely randomized appearance.